A Cold Night in the Cabin

by cady austin, 2023

“This is what you’ve needed all along, a thick orc cock stretching your pretty cunt.” Brun’s black tongue licked a stripe of fire up the nape of her neck. “Tell me,” he growled, and her thighs fell open even wider as he ground his cock up into her heat.

“Yes, yes, please,” she whimpered, her throat contracting against his massive palm. “Please, Brun.”

“That’s right, our pet loves to beg, don’t you? Beg for your orc’s cock, beg me to paint your womb with my seed.” He took her hand and led it to the base of him, to his hard sac, as big as her palm, which flexed under the hesitant touch of her fingertips. His breath hitched. “You feel that?” he huffed in her ear. “All for you, pet, every single drop.”

And with each statement he thrust up into her, massive hand splayed across her throat, bending her back against his chest so she was arched toward the stone hut’s roof. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. Not just filled, but stretched beyond reckoning, beyond what any human could take—and it was utterly glorious.

A sharp claw touched her jaw and turned her head so gold eyes could hold hers. “Tell me if it hurts.”

“N-no. It doesn’t.”

His gaze darkened. “Good,” he purred.

Thighs splayed over his legs, back pressed against his chest, Alana was his for the taking. Helpless to his whims, her pleasure forced to the pace he set, glorious fire snaked down her belly. Brun could fuck her like no one else, ruthless and yet utterly protective. With him, she felt like a silk kite blown this way and that in strong winds, and only his clawed hand holding her string kept her grounded.

When the door opened, blinding white light pierced the dark hut’s shadows. Frozen air and a flurry of snowflakes streaked inside before the two orcs could slam the door shut on the face of winter. They were in a true winter now.

Brun hissed as she instinctively jerked away from that deep chill. He banded his arms around her to stop her diving under the furs while he growled at his clan mates. Taurin and Varl were already whipping off their heavy fur capes and throwing them down to the ground.

“We’ve come home to a feast,” Varl said, grinning.

“That’s one way to greet us.”

“Supposed to be out”—she gasped as Brun thrust up into her again, harder for being delayed by their entrance—“longer.”

Varl slapped Taurin’s chest with the back of his hand while they watched hungrily. “See? I told you she likes Brun more.”

Alana sucked in a breath. “Nooo—” She broke off as Brun’s claws pricked her hips, his growl ghosting over her neck.

His voice rumbled threateningly through her. “Remember whose cock you’re stretched on. Unless you want me to take it away?”

“Heavens, no,” Varl said, his kilt dropping to the floor. The bed dipped as he put his knee on it and started crawling between Brun’s spread legs. Behind his bent back, Taurin was undressing more slowly, heeling off his boots, but that might’ve been because he was distracted by the sight of Brun’s cock disappearing inside her.

Varl’s hot breath warmed her skin—a finger, then a gentle lick tracing the contours of Alana’s cunt from lower lips to belly. She gasped and Brun growled, thrusting harder into her as though claiming his prize again. Varl chuckled at that and closed his mouth around her clit and pulled.

Her hand slapped down on his shoulder. “Varl!”

Varl grasped her hips firmly and pushed in close. She found his wicked gaze glued to her.

“Beg him for more,” Brun said, hips thrusting harder, reaching deep inside her while her mouth dropped open. “Beg him to please that sweet cunt.”

“And make it pretty, pet,” Taurin said, crawling up the bed to her side, his gold eyes blown out with lust.

Alana bit her lower lip and stumbled over the words. “Varl, please…. Please make me feel good.”

“Weeks of fucking you every way we can and you still blush.” He reached out to cup one of Alana’s breasts while Varl still lapped at her pleasure point below. Her flesh was indeed flushed and warm, though her nipples prickled quickly under Brun’s attention.

Brun’s thrusting quickened and Alana’s fingers dug into Varl’s shoulders, her core grappling with Brun’s cock as she came. Varl’s growl rolled through her, his own ecstasy rising to join theirs, and Brun grunted, pumping up into her hard enough to dislodge Varl.

The three orcs’ musk filled Alana’s senses, pushing out every thought but this strange kind of bliss that she found only when held between them. And with that, Brun stiffened and plunged as deep as he could go, claws pinching her hips and his tusks nicking her shoulder as he spilled hot and thick inside her.

When spent, he collapsed flat, pulling her with him.

Alana lay there with her eyes closed, body rising and falling in time with Brun’s exhausted gasps. She watched the fire’s shadows dance over the ceiling and high walls, Brun’s hands heavy on her hips, holding her securely against his sprawled body.

“My turn,” Taurin said, and sent a fresh pulse between her legs.

Varl nuzzled the inside of her thigh. “I want your mouth, pet.”

“Do I get a say in this?” Alana asked. Brun groaned as Taurin clasped her wrists and pulled her up, Brun’s cock still seated deep inside her. Like always, his erection didn’t go down—an orc’s wouldn’t until he’d seeded at least three times, which she’d learned one exhausting, wonderful night.

Taurin gazed upon her hungrily. “Not a chance,” he murmured huskily. “You gave up that right when you allowed him to have his way with you while we were away. Now you’ll submit to us.”

Alana knew she was in deep trouble because as soon as she slipped off Brun, Taurin immediately bent her over Varl’s lap. She could feel the heat radiating off Varl as she knelt between his legs, his cock twitching with anticipation as she grazed her lips against the thick head of his cock. He whimpered.

Her teasing broke with a moan when Taurin fisted her hair. “Open up,” he said, and guided her lips down Varl’s thick shaft. Dropping back to his elbows, Varl fisted the furs while Taurin made her shine his cock with her saliva. Varl shuddered and moaned as he looked down his body at her, watching his cock disappear into her mouth. He exhaled sharply as she tightened her lips around him and began to seal her lips around the shaft. Slowly, Taurin guided her back up until her tongue swirled around the head. Taurin’s free hand nudged her thighs apart.

“You know how much we wanted to come back from our grueling journey and unwrap your furs?” Taurin murmured. His knuckles pressed between her netherlips and she moaned. The hand in her hair tightened and he pushed her further down Varl’s cock. “Pay attention. Don’t disappoint me.”

Alana complied, and while she swallowed Varl down, she opened her thighs and Taurin plunged his thick length inside her. His grip on her hair stayed strong as he drove into her again and again, setting up a powerful rhythm that soon had Varl tearing at the furs beneath them as she bobbed on him.

The scent of arousal hung thick, almost cloying in the air. The sound of Varl’s husky groan, of Taurin’s soft cursing—joined in by the slick sound of Brun fucking his hand while he watched. All combined it overloaded her mind. Any sense of self vanished. She was a collection of sensation, a receptacle for their lust, a piece of fluff battered about by the winds of their desire.

“Going to seed your sweet cunt over and over,” Taurin murmured. And then he swiftly pulled out of her and she made a shocked noise around Varl’s cock, her cunt clenching on nothing while the orgasm she’d been on the cusp of fled at his absence. His chuckle rolled over her skin. “It’s not punishment if you like it, pet. Now beg prettily for us.”

He released her and she immediately pulled away from Varl to gasp. “Please, Taurin… please fuck me and make me come! I need you, I need you so much.”

Varl had groaned when she pulled her mouth away. “Mistress,” he groaned again. “Fuck off, Taurin. You’ve been dying to pin her under you all morning and now you’ll—”

His complaint was cut off with Alana’s yell as Taurin thrust inside her to the hilt. Her body spasmed, jerked. Her knees gave out and only Taurin’s fist wrapped tight in her hair let her keep her balance. He pulled her head back, grinding into her with wide, rolling strokes that seared her everywhere. He pressed his lips to her ear.

“No teasing you? Fine. But I’ll make you pay still, Alana. You’ll weep over our cocks by the time we’re finished here. Now suck that cock down your tight little throat.”

It was good, so good. Alana came with a high, thin cry, swiftly muffled when Taurin bent her back over Varl’s lap and stuffed her mouth full. Taurin pounded her harder, his grunts mixing with Varl’s incoherent noises, his orgasm so close he could barely form words anymore. And then he put his hand on the back of her head, brushing Taurin away, and pumping furiously, desperately into her mouth, his cock burning and twitching with each jet of seed he released into the back of her throat. Alana trembled and gasped as he filled her mouth with a river of pleasure to swallow down.

Taurin was only too happy to yank her away from Varl before the poor orc could even finish. He spilled uselessly on his stomach when Taurin pulled her back against his chest. He wrapped his big hands around her elbows, drawing her arms behind her back, and fucked her until the sound of skin on skin was the only thing she could hear.

Taurin pinched her as his grip tightened, slamming into her so hard it felt like the stone hut would collapse around them. “Yes, pet, yes, cry for me.”

She did, head thrown back, her body completely overwhelmed. Taurin couldn’t face the final unwinding of her being as ecstasy flooded through her and he pulled her down on his cock one final time, releasing inside her as deep as he could go.

After, he gently wrapped her up in his arms, his seed sliding down the inside of her thighs as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “You warm an orc’s blood like nothing else.”

She’d said it once to Brun. Over the days and hours between their coming here, she’d thought it again and again. Now she smiled as Varl and Brun slid back the furs for her, enveloping her between them when she took the place they saved. Her head landed on Brun’s chest. Varl’s arm slid around her waist. Taurin snuffed the candles for their midday nap in the depths of winter.

With them, I’ll never be cold again.