Aliens' Sacrifice
Extended epilogue

“This vekking sucks.”

Two large hands the size of trash can lids slid over my hips. “Little ears, Nat.”

That rankled. One, because Kron was right. And two, because Kron was right. That was the whole fucking problem. Little ears. Little ears everywhere.

In our bedroom. In the kitchen. In the pool.

Not even the shower was sacrosanct.

I gazed out over the lawn at the current pain in my neck. Our girl’s dark hair was tied with a bow on top of her head. She’d come out with that huge batch of hair on top, and I’d had the heartburn to match it. Now she toddled after Terono who looked utterly ridiculous on all fours, scuttling away with a braying noise as soon as our little silver girl reached him. This caused another cackle and another unsteady, toddling approach.

“She’s getting so good,” Kron murmured. “She’s a natural walker.”

I leaned back against his chest, almost used to seeing this playful side of my uptight, sarcastic Terono. My heart squeezed as it always did when I saw them together. Honestly, when I saw any of them with Tania. They were utterly devoted dads—and lucky me, they didn’t mind the crack of dawn wake-up calls either.

“Still sucks,” I said, but low.

“We’ll find another nanny,” Kron assured me. “We had bad luck with this one. There’s more out there.”

I grumbled. Even with his hands making a slow and steady path up and down my sides, I wasn’t soothed. “Yeah, yeah. We could find Mary freaking Poppins and you guys would have an issue with her umbrella or something. You guys are just picky.”

“What’s that?” Arctok joined us on the patio after escorting out the latest nanny candidate, casually stirring his tea as he crossed to us. “What are we picky about?”

The knowing look in his eye said he knew damn well what they were picky about. I scowled even more at his tiny smirk. “You know damn—ow, no pinching!”

“Little ears,” Kron reminded me as I rubbed my stinging asscheek. “As for this pickiness you accuse us of, I’d like to understand why you think protecting our daughter is not of the utmost importance.”

My low huff wasn’t low enough not to attract Tania’s attention. Wobbling on her chubby little legs, she turned a huge beaming smile toward me. Teeth. My baby girl already had teeth.

I gave her my sweetest smile and dug my elbow into Kron’s gut. “Of course it is,” I said after he grunted. “But there’s being protective and there’s being so overprotective you’re literally ruining our sex life!”

The great thing about my mates? Awesome dads. Not so awesome? Since they were all connected with their magic covey woo-woo, that meant some major frustration with a child who couldn’t sleep through the night. How could your mates fuck your brains out when someone had to deal with a cranky baby?

This sucked.

“I’ve been told it gets better with age,” Arctok told me sympathetically. “Tea?”

Tea? Tea? I’m over here snarling and he wanted to give me tea?

“Yes,” I muttered, taking it out of his hands resentfully. It was the good ferrefly honey too. It spread through my chest like liquid gold, much to my irritation.

Kron didn’t take his licking without a fight. His hand slid over my midriff, my softly rounded stomach, smooth and sure and with sweet tenderness that made my toes curl in my slippers.

“Are you saying we’re not taking care of you, sweetling?”

“Oh, you take care of me fine. But y’all promised certain things when I signed up for this rodeo.”

“I remember promising you’d be a satisfied wife.”

His breath ghosted along the shell of my ear and it was disgusting how wet I was already. Not surprising though. I was on edge around the clock now. I set down the cup and covered his hands with mine.

“Yeah, well there’s a difference between a satisfied wife and really fucking satisfied wife. Mind shattering orgasms, for one.”

Arctok snickered. “So cranky when she doesn’t get three orgasms a day.”

“That’s not it.” Not wholly it. Yeah, they took care of me. They didn’t waste a second burying their heads between my thighs as soon as I wanted it, or fingering me in the shower, or dry humping me until I was shaking—not something I thought was even possible, but Terono had proved me wrong in the pantry one evening. I freaking loved how willing they were to get me off, but it wasn’t all that I wanted.

And I loved my Tania to death, loved her so much it hurt to look at her sometimes, knowing that one day she would grow up and stop being my baby girl.

But god couldn’t she sleep through the night so I could get dicked down appropriately?

Kron’s breath gusted over the top of my head and then he turned me to face him. Softly, he said, “You want the connection with us.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I sighed and put my head against his chest, his strong arm surrounding me in a comfortable embrace. “I miss you guys.”

Arctok’s hand rested on my lower back. “Believe us, we miss you too. More than you know.”

“If we just had a nanny a couple nights a week… she’s off the boob, we’ll make sure she’s right down the hall—”

“You know our kind don’t believe in these nannies,” Kron said.

“But the woman you married does.” I stared up at him, pleading with everything I had, and even though I didn’t want to cry I could feel traitorous tears building behind my eyes. “A Saitate female can share in your connection all the time. I can’t. It’s so hard to look at you and know I’m missing a huge part of us.”

Arctok rumbled unhappily, leaning forward to brush a kiss against my head. “You know we want you happy.”

“Don’t cry, sweetling, please don’t cry,” Kron murmured. His expression anguished, he looked significantly over my head at Terono.

“It’s been half a year,” I said, those hateful tears now falling freely down my cheeks. I sniffled, swiping at my face. “I know I’m being silly, but you guys don’t even give them a chance in the interview, and it’s like, do you even want me anymore? Am I not good eno—”

“Don’t even finish that sentence,” Terono said in a frozen tone behind me. My back stiffened and then Kron was shifting to the side, taking Tania out of Terono’s arms and holding back as Terono crowded close to me, Arctok’s heavy presence pressing in on the other side. “You know we want you. Every day we can’t sink into your hot cunt is torturous.”

“It doesn’t feel like it,” I admitted with a whimper, leaning into his touch, gentle despite his stern voice.

“Believe me, it’s been rough.” Arctok rubbed his hand up and down my spine. “I can’t say I’m wholly comfortable with the idea still, but perhaps there is a way to compromise.”

My vision blurred. “Yeah?”

They looked to Kron who nodded and bounced Tania on his hip. “I’ll arrange it. What was her name again?”

“Uh, who?”

“Marteen,” Arctok said, and my excitement levels rocketed up. A lovely woman, she’d looked shellshocked when she’d given her references—glowing, all of them—and been gruffly told to leave. That was last week.



“You mean you liked her and didn’t even give her a—” I threw up my hands, cutting off my outburst before I gathered a hotter head of steam than I could manage. “What makes you think she’ll even come back? You practically told her to get lost.”

Kron shrugged a shoulder as Tania tried and failed to reach a leaf on the tree behind him. “Credits. Don’t worry about it. You take her while I check Marteen’s schedule.”

“Take me? Take me where?”

Arctok took my hand and started leading me away. “Where else? To bed.”

Arctok slid open the patio door and tugged me through. “But…”

Terono blocked my last view of Kron, frowning at his tablet while Tania tried to chomp on his ear. “Are you going to complain that you got your very wish?”

“Am I?”

“Complaining? It sounds like it.”

I thumped his chest. “Getting my wish, asshole.”

Those silver eyes glittered. “We’re helpless for our princess. And you make good points we should have considered. Ones we have considered, truthfully”

A man who could admit he was wrong. My lady bits were tingling.

“Believe me, we’ve been as anxious as you to have the room to ourself,” Arctok said as he led me through the house, up the stairs and to our sanctuary. A tornado had come through at some point, leaving clothes and dirty socks and drooled on baby blankets in its wake, but we ignored all that for the bed at the center of our kingdom.




“Here. Bend over. Hands flat on the bed.”

A few words and I was hot all over. I let go of Arctok and bent over the bottom of the bed, hands flat on the comforter, my ass wiggling in the air. Terono groaned at said invitation and I bit my lip, wondering what they planned to do to me. Something deliciously naughty and adult, I hoped.

I was glad, oh so glad, I’d pulled on a skirt that morning. Arctok’s hands sliding up my bare legs as he brought it up my thighs made sticky heat pool in my middle.

Arctok’s knuckle dragged along my bared lips. “Vekking flowers, you’re soaked already.”

“Try always,” I muttered, pushing back into his teasing touch. Thank god for a planet that didn’t care if you wore panties.

They shuffled behind me, muttering something too quiet to hear. I turned my head, but then Terono was rounding the bed, his shorts and shirt discarded, and I got to take my fill of my man’s long, thick cock.

“Hello, you,” I murmured as he came within reach, and I ran my fingers along the already hardening length of him. My mouth started to water, and it took everything in me not to jump for joy as he shifted us so I was bent over his lap. Fuck yes. I didn’t stop, couldn’t wait to take him in my mouth and I did it as quickly as I could, lathing him with my tongue, swirling and teasing his sensitive head as he sucked in a breath above me. A few salty drops of precum escaped him and I grinned, mouth stretched obscenely around him. He needed this as much as I did.

Then something hard and wet with lube pressed against my cunt.


Arctok clamped his hand on my shoulder as I tried to shoot up. Terono huffed in displeasure, his wet cock pointing straight up in his lap. “It’s just a toy.”

“I know that! I don’t want toys.”

“Impatient female. I want to stretch you out for us before the nanny gets here,” Arctok said. Could I take a moment to tell you how erotic it was to have him holding me down above Terono’s cock? Even irritated, him demanding my obedience did all kinds of things to me. Arctok pressed the dildo against me again, the shovel-shaped head stretching me as he dipped it in and out in shallow thrusts. “See?” he murmured as I relaxed. “You’ll thank me later.”

“Make it worth thanking you.”

Terono’s chuckle slid down my spine. He gathered my hair with his hand and nudged me down. “Come here, princess, and let me vek your naughty mouth.”

His cockhead pressed to my lips, insistent, and I eagerly opened my lips for him. There was no way I could deepthroat him. A physical impossibility. But I did the best I could, trapping his cock at the back of my throat as I stroked the rest of him, pulsing my tongue against his salty slit as I pulled back.

“That’s right, princess, suck me down,” he hissed, pumping lightly up into the heat of my mouth.

Arctok continued stretching me. The burn of it felt good, the pleasure of being warmed up on a cock nearly identical in size and shape to them. And Arctok was pushing me more, forgetting those shallow thrusts as he pressed the cock deep into my channel. Thick, heavenly, but not nearly enough for me. Like his covey mate, Arctok’s breath wasn’t steady either, and his free hand gripped my asscheek, spreading me wide open for him to watch me be impaled.

“Vek, I forget how beautiful you are,” he moaned. “This pink little cunt sucking us in, stretching out around our cocks as you beg and moan.”

The toy was making slick noises as he twisted it inside me, fucking me eagerly. I wished I had a mirror pointed at us. Could see him staring open-mouthed as my cunt took in all that toy while he wished it was him instead. Could watch myself suck Terono’s cock while Arctok watched until he broke.

“Here he comes,” Terono murmured. “That was quick.”

My stomach clenched. Kron was coming? That meant…

Yanking the toy out of me, a dull thump echoed after Arctok threw it somewhere behind him. My brief flare of irritation—that was an expensive toy!—disappeared as he crowded in at my back and I realized he was naked.

Naked, and notching his cock at my opening.

“Pay attention,” Terono muttered, the sting of him tightening his fist in my hair making me groan. I bobbed my head eagerly on his cock, spreading my legs as Arctok hunched behind me, our height difference not entirely solved by the platform at the end of the bed.

But I couldn’t keep my focus for long. My jaw grew slack around Terono’s cock as Arctok began his slow invasion, stretching and pressing absolutely everywhere. I pulled away from Terono to drop my head to his bare thigh, huffing through my mouth. It was one thing to miss their cocks, but another to be totally wrecked.

“Goddess, I missed this,” Arctok groaned. He fisted the back of my shirt like he needed an anchor to me and the world.

That was when the door opened. Just as Arctok sank balls deep inside me, light from the hallway illuminated the shadowed room.

“I shouldn’t have counted on your loyalty,” Kron grumbled as he stepped inside and shut the door. He yanked his shirt over his head in the next instant. “Couldn’t even wait for me to hand our child off before trying to send me to my knees.”

“No loyalty here,” Terono said, sounding like he didn’t care in the least. “Now suck my cock, princess.”

“Bossy,” I huffed, but I did as he said, delighting in the fierce grunt that escaped him as I engulfed his cock.

“Oh, you vekking beautiful female,” Arctok said, moaning. Mine echoed it, reverberating down through Terono’s cock.

Terono’s hand tightened in my hair as he pumped up into my mouth, a snarl in his voice. “So hot.”

“They didn’t even undress you, the gheng-fruts.” Kron didn’t sound as blasé as he wanted to as he crawled onto the bed on Terono’s other side, cock bobbing proudly as he sank to his knees. He ran his fingers over my jaw as I looked at him, my eyes watering as Terono pumped into the back of my throat. Kron was enraptured, watching Terono use my mouth as he pleased even as Arctok ground his hips into me. “Our mate needs more,” he murmured, lust heating his silver eyes. He dropped his hand. “Vek her hard, Arctok. Vek her like she needs.”

“Sorry, friend,” Arctok growled, tugging on my shoulders. I released Terono’s cock with a pop and got one glimpse of his disappointed face before Arctok shuffled me to the side and forced me over the end of the bed. I gasped as his hips nudged mine up until I was on my tiptoes, as he slid home deep inside me, pressing almost uncomfortably against my cervix.

Then he gripped the back of my neck and fucked me like he meant it.

I scrabbled at the sheets. Fuck, fuck, I was already coming, over the edge before I knew it, blacking out from the pressure and the furious onslaught of his hips slamming against my ass. My vision grew dark at the edges, my lungs squeezing the breath out of me. Arctok groaned and grabbed my hips, lifting me to change the angle to better service his cock, and senseless babble escaped me, his girth forcing me into another orgasm as his cockhead slid against my G-spot again and again.

They’d promised me long ago they were going to ruin me for other males. They kept that promise. I was ruined. Obliterated. No one else could compare, could fill me like they did.

He gripped my hips so hard I would feel it in the morning and ground into me, stretching me around his thick cock. I cried out and then my spine stiffened—

Silvery blue, a world like a painted dream. A running river stretching out as far as I could see. And there they were, waiting impatiently for the connection to make, surrounding me as it did as a gold phoenix of manly pride flew overhead.

I could feel myself stretched around Arctok’s cock. How suffocatingly good it felt. His need to fuck me into oblivion, his beloved, needy mate. I broke against the ridges of his cock, falling limp to the bed as he fucked me with hard, deep strokes as if he was trying to climb inside me.

There were Kron and Terono behind my closed eyes. Their desire amplified my own, thick and sticky and as needy as I felt everyday, wanting this connection stretched between us again, to feel me as I felt them. Ripples shuddered through all of us, a groan starting in Arctok’s throat and ending in Kron’s as they fucked me, as their heavy balls slapped against my clit, as their tongues licked the sweat off the back of my neck.

My nails dug into the blanket. Toes curling into thin air, held up only by Arctok-Terono-Kron’s hips. Use me. Keep me. Love me.

Their fantasies and needs melded into me, a long-lost lover finally come home. It clicked into place and then we were all coming together, Kron and Terono spilling over their hands while Arctok sank deep inside me and coated my insides with his seed.

When I could open my eyes… much later… the bedroom was dark. I was in the middle of our massive bed, cradled against Terono’s chest with Kron at my back, his hot breath ruffling the hair at my neck.

I blearily looked around the room, my mouth opening around a yawn as I looked for what had woken me.


Shit. We’d gone to sleep. What was happening? Was the nanny still here? I put my hand on Terono’s chest and prepared to push up.

Arctok straightened from where he was bent at the end of the bed. He saw me and frowned. “Go to sleep.”

“But Tania—”

“I checked the video feed. Marteen put her down for bed.” I blinked, the corner of the room notably absent of my little girl, her crib empty. Arctok smiled. “Marteen sang her to sleep. She’s still down.”


“Down for three hours now,” he said, lifting his tablet. “Check if you want.”

I shook my head, trusting him but disbelieving. “Three hours.”

“It seems a certain mate of ours may’ve been right,” Arctok said with a twisty smile, as if pained to remember how much he and his covey doubted me.

That was a conversation for another time. Maybe they’d eventually see the benefits of a daycare with other kids her age. But not anytime soon. Right now I realized we had the perfect opportunity, and for once I wasn’t thinking of sex. My poor pussy was going to need an hour or so before I put her out there again. Right then I wanted cuddles.

“Well, where are you going if everything’s alright?”

“I want to make sure Marteen has everything she needs in the guest room. Then I’ll make dinner. Sound good?”

I settled back down between Kron and Terono, prompted by Kron’s impatient tug on my hip. “Sounds amazing.”

“As are you, mate,” he said, and slipped out on quiet feet. My eyes closed, and I sank back into my dreams of silver watercolors and the solid, comforting embrace of my mates.